Science Fiction
The Captain of the XP-47 watches, as the military tries in vain to
demonstrate the ultimate weapon as a show of force to rival
factions of their people, when something goes horribly wrong.
Time travel with an untested device brings the crew of the XP-47
crashing into Roswell NM 1947, instead of back a few days in their
own universe.
The small New Mexico town is turned upside down, as the military
seeks to dismantle and transport the crashed UFO’s, while
convincing the residence and the rest of the world it was a
weather balloon.
Unknown to the military, a more substantial craft is buried under
thousands of metric tons of rock.  The ship's computer, surviving
the crash, waits until a new team can be found, to pilot the vessel
off the earth.
Far from perfect, the ‘almost sentient’ computer finds the humans
fascinating. Invading the minds of the locals; humanity infects the
computer. Learning their ways, the computer sees them as no
better than those that destroyed their own planet. Finding their
sexual practices interesting, the computer alters its own
programming, allowing it to act in ways it was not designed to do.

Finding Elliot and Susan, the computer allows them entrance,
drawing them to the ship like a moth to a flame.
Living through the humans, it brings more of them onboard as
specimens for his enjoyment, while using them as crew.
Come take a ride on the XP-47 as we stop man from destroying
the planet and teach an alien computer ‘boundaries.’  We also try
to undo bad decisions of the past, in several galaxies.
Under Roswell was the first novel TW wrote. Applying lessons
learned from the last thirty odd novels, the book has since gone
through a significant re-write.
The story contains some adult situations.
When an alien race picks up radio signals from a distant
universe, they come to investigate. Finding sentient life on a
blue planet, in an obscure part of the galaxy was to be logged
when out of the blue the captain of the Starduster was attacked.
Saving his ship from becoming a crater on the Earth’s moon,
he demands answers.  Finding living beings on a large
satellite, he orders the craft brought into a cargo bay.  Finding
the humans amicable enough, things change when their
doctor learns of a fatal disease and tries to cure it as a sign of
good faith.
Now in a race against time, their doctor takes the human in her
care back to their galaxy when the story takes on a new life as
Don and their Doctor, Sarah fall in love.
Having given up emotions for their dangerous proclivities,
Sarah discovers that they gave up too much when she takes it
upon herself to alter the Ularins path in life.
•If you could go back to your third-grade class with the
knowledge, you have now, would you do anything differently?
•If an Alien race were to abduct you, would you go peacefully?
•Once there, would you trust them to examine you medically?
•What if you found you were among a race of nudists, would
you adopt their lifestyle?
When a celestial event of cataclysmic proportions, sends an
Alien race scouting for planets that might be able to sustain
their people are followed, the Earth’s native population
could be in peril. A small percentage of this alien race
presents itself to early humanity as Gods, taking the human’s
women for their own pleasure.
The leaders bury the city under the oceans to protect
humanity.  Much like closing the barn after the horses
escape, rogue elements of their society infiltrate in with the
A race entrusted with universal jurisdiction follows them,
when they have technical issues. Now in need of assistance
from those they came to protect, they use their unique
powers to search the minds of the humans looking for those
with high enough IQ’s to be of some use to them.
Tesla shows up on their radar as they try in vain to use his
contraptions to supply power to their craft.
Hiding among a religious sect that protects their identity in
robes, the aliens wait until someone with the ability to
learn, comes along.
The aliens under the ocean, to protect the earth from their
kind, unwittingly cause many ships to sink, including a
Russian Nuclear Submarine. When a cruise vessel barely
escapes their trap, our main characters are called in to
assist the government.  The owner is a drone manufacturer,
and now they need underwater drone technology that will
survive thousands of feet under the water.
The owner of this company, unknown to himself, shares the
DNA of those under the water.
This story has plenty of science, fiction, and courage and
yes romance.
Come put your day-to-day life in vacation mode, as we
learn about aliens and ourselves while leaving the Milky
Way behind.
This is my 26th novel, and it brings me great pleasure to
share it with you.