New Release
New Release!

After causing an uproar in her small Texas town, Tiffany is sent to a reform
school for wayward young women, who might otherwise end up in prison.

Learning that she must play ball or suffer the consequences, she soon discovers
it is easier to work the system.

Not knowing that her father had ulterior motives for sending her away, she
settles in to the routine.  

Discovering red marks on her new roommate, she learns of a lucrative industry
where the girls model for a woman who owns a business, with clients all over the
world.  These clients are less than honorable people, who have more money
than morality.

Paid to be a model, which submit to the whims of the clients, the girls fulfill their
fantasies often at the expense of red whelps and bruises, along with lots of cash.

Tiffany agrees to be part of this industry, when the dean stops her, as he has
other ideas for Tiffany, who he finds very attractive.

When murder enters into the story, we see the family ties unravel as Tiffany tries
to solve the mystery.