Calling on those in the inner circle to intervene outside of the laws of the
civilized world, was not something the President did with a clear
conscious, or took lightly.  Members of the inner circle had been in
charge and were the president's fixers. Those same people could also
be his assassin, if he did not play ball.

Always on the hunt for more talent, one fiery redhead was soon in their
crosshairs. When Kelly, an Ex-Airforce fighter pilot crawled out of bed
that morning, she had no idea that her life would change forever.  

After a massive explosion in Pasadena, with drone footage of the entire
event on all the news channels, Kelly was sent to investigate. While in
route, her plane was hijacked, and the pilots shot.

Preventing the two hijackers from commandeering the aircraft to use as
a weapon was only the start of a very long day. Flying the crippled
airplane back to Scottsdale, and safely landing it, put her square on the
radar of those power brokers of the inner circle.

Working as a Journalist, Kelly tried to escape the adulation of the press,
and the president, by working on another story regarding a mass
shooting, this time in a small Texas town.  

Fire coming from farmers faucets, shortly after oil companies had
started fracking, had captivated national news.  The mass shooting of
mostly oil company workers drew her attention to the city.

Soon Kelly became embroiled in a life or death struggle, in a sick twisted
tale of corruption, by those putting money over humanity.