Author TWScott
Ailani from the Ailani Trilogy
Published internationally in magazines was the start to a dream of writing stories of more
than six thousand words. As a prolific reader, I loved the stories told and the places painted
in my mind’s eye by the verbal artist we know as authors.

As a Writer and an artist, it has been my pleasure to create both.
The cover art on most of my titles are my design, conception and art.  
One of my closest friends gave me the beginnings of the artwork for the third book in the
Ailani Trilogy

I have a way of bending the rules, pushing the envelope, and going the extra mile when it
comes to giving you your money’s worth.  

In most of the novels with the Brand TWScott, you will laugh, be inspired, have your heart
strings tugged at and in a few you will need some tissues.  Not to worry, TW does not
believe in sad endings.  It is not real life but who the hell reads fiction for reality?
Welcome, If you made it here you are one step closer to my work.  This novel is to be
released soon.  It has turned into one of my best ones to date.  24 novels and counting I
have only just began,

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